Donations needed! Help our job seekers dress to impress with Thrive Workwear

When it comes to starting a new job, or preparing for a job interview, it’s always best to dress to impress and make that first impression count. That’s why Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions is introducing our new Thrive Workwear initiative, to ensure Mai-Wel job seekers can look their best and feel confident as they take these steps into employment.

We understand that purchasing appropriate business wear can be an expensive exercise, particularly for those who may be relying on Centrelink benefits for their daily needs. This initiative will provide a fee-free way for our job seekers to hire clothes for their interviews, as well as low cost workwear for those who successfully obtain employment and need a new wardrobe.

Right now, we are on the lookout for donors! You can help us grow the Thrive Workwear initiative by donating professional workwear for all genders, shapes and sizes (without company logos) or through a monetary donation. With your help we can ensure there is ample supply of quality workwear that job seekers can access when they’re gearing up to win that job.

So why is what you wear to an interview so important?

‘Dress to impress’ is more than just a fun rhyme; it is an important mentality to have when going into a formal situation such as an interview. Having a neat and tidy professional appearance is a nonverbal indicator to the employer of the kind of person you are and how you will represent their company. With Thrive Workwear, we want to provide our job seekers with the confidence they need to nail their interview, alongside their qualifications and attributes.

What’s even better is that Thrive Workwear will be participant-run, providing an avenue for job seekers to develop skills for work. This initiative will be an introduction into a real-life working environment in a safe and supportive way. Job seekers will be responsible for sorting through donations, laundering, stock inventory, merchandising, customer service and a range of other tasks that are required to operate a retail outlet. These skills will be transferrable to a range of open-employment job positions and provide insight into the expectations of a job in the retail industry.

Thrive Workwear will be available to all Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions job seekers at both our Maitland and Cessnock offices.

We want to give a huge thank you Denise and Arn from Signature Clothing. Signature Clothing are a major supporter of this initiative, donating high quality workwear to Thrive and sharing their knowledge of the clothing industry.

We had a chat to Denise from Signature Clothing to explain a bit more about their involvement with the Thrive Workwear initiative.

“It was something that had been going on in my mind for some time so I decided to bring it up in casual conversation at the Annual Supporters Function.

I mentioned how Signature Clothing had charitable support programs and our repurposing of discontinued, showroom samples and slow moving stock to people in need locally, in outback Australia and developing countries.

From that conversation, we became aware of the opportunity to seed an initiative with Mai-Wel to keep the donations closer to home and provide a benefit in our local community grew.

As a locally owned and operated business, it is our passion to provide employment for local people and keep the dollars our business generates circulating in our region.

We were drawn to the opportunity and ability to partner with Mai-Wel to support our local community living with disabilities, unemployed youth and those who don’t yet have the resources to fund a business style outfit for that all important first impression; “the interview”.

The vision now is to see an idea come to fruition and create a standalone “pop up” shop where we can make a real difference in the lives of people who may not have had the opportunity to wear business attire to their interviews previously.

No longer will appearance or attire be a limiting factor for jobseekers with Mai-Wel LabourForce Solution now that Thrive Workwear is available.

Signature Clothing has been a quiet supported of charitable organisations for over 20 years, and to be able to have an impact locally through Thrive Workwear is our proudest achievement in this space.”

We would also like to thank Karina and Layla at HUNTED fashion store in Maitland, who have been helping to get Thrive Workwear started with the donation of shop fittings and mannequins.

Thanks also goes to Maitland Business Chamber who is a supportive partner of this initiative.

Can you help Thrive Workwear?

For clothing or monetary donations, contact us at for more information on where to drop off, or coordinate pick up of clothing.

Pictured: Tracy, Employment Operations Manager at Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions, and Denise from Signature Clothing standing in front of the Thrive wall mural, with one of their mannequins displaying a pink work blouse and striped grey skirt. 

Pictured: Denise from Signature Clothing standing in front of a rack of clothes. We want to give a huge thankyou to Signature Clothing for being a major supporter of the Thrive Workwear initiative. 

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