Meet just some of our job seekers available to join your team.

Say hi to Kevin

Kevin is a friendly and reliable job seeker who is looking for a cleaning role in the local Cessnock or Maitland area.
Kevin has had previous experience in a cleaning role in the last 6 months, working at a local gym, which has built his skill set. In particular, Kevin would like to have a cleaning role in a fast food establishment or in a club environment wiping tables and collecting glasses etc.
Kevin has great availability and is happy to travel to work in the local Cessnock or Maitland area using public transport.

Say hi to Ashe

Ashe is a young, enthusiastic and motivated person who is seeking to start their working life in the hospitality industry. With a genuine interest in hospitality, particular working in a bar, Ashe has commenced a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations .
Ashe has many qualifications within the hospitality industry, including an RSA, RCG, First Aid Certificate, Barista Skill Set and Food Safety Supervisor Ticket. Ashe also has had work experience working in the Thrive Café. Being flexible, adaptable and eager to learn, Ashe would thrive with an employer who is supportive and will provide opportunities to help grow these skills further.
Ashe is available to work day or night and is able to access work across the Hunter Region using public transport.

Say hi to Sam

Sam is a friendly, qualified job seeker who is seeking a role in the hospitality sector, particularly work at a local club.
Sam describes himself as a ‘people person’ and gets along well with co-workers. With an RSA, RCG, a First Aid Certificate and a current hospitality skillset, Sam would be a great addition to a hospitality team. Sam is seeking a job within the Maitland area and is available from Thursday to Sunday.

Say hi to Toby

Toby is a reliable jobseeker who is excited to join the workforce in the East Maitland area.
Toby would be a dedicated employee to your business. He is punctual and always early to work, and once there, he stays focused on the job. He is also able to get along well with people, both as co-workers or as customers.
Toby is available for day shifts on any day, Monday to Sunday. He is hoping to work 3-4 shifts each week. With access to public transport, Toby is able to work anywhere in the East Maitland area.

Say hi to Debbie

Debbie is a caring individual who is looking to work as an AIN in Aged Care. She is highly qualified, with a Certificate III in Individual Support, a current First Aid Certificate, as well as certificates in Palliative Care and Dementia.
Debbie is able to work both independently and as part of a team. She gets along well with others and is empathetic, perfect for caring for elderly patients.
Debbie is searching for employment in and around Maitland, Rutherford, Kurri Kurri and Cessnock. She has her licence and access to a car. Debbie is currently available everyday expect Tuesday’s for both day and afternoon shifts.

Say hi to Jamie

Jamie is an honest, hardworking person who works well both in a team and independently. He is looking for work as a labourer or in a general maintenance role. As a hands on person with a strong work ethic and mechanical aptitude, Jamie is searching for a job where he can get busy and put his skills to use.
Since March, Jamie has been working at Coles doing night fill and working towards gaining full-time employment. He has been noted for his strong work ethic and reliability in every role he has ever held. Whether it be covering other employee’s shifts or staying back over-time to get the job done, he gives 100% at every opportunity he is given.
Jamie is a highly motivated and dedicated worker, with strong communication and interpersonal skills. He is a friendly, outgoing, well presented and energetic individual, who can hit the ground running and make an immediate and positive impact on your business. He has experience and skills to diagnose and problem solve in the workplace and always applies safe work practices.
Jamie is available any time on any day, although he does like to have enough time off in the week to get in some fishing. He is able to travel within half an hour of the Gateshead area by walking or accessing public transport.


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