Attention Job Seekers: Mutual Obligations Update

From Monday 28 September, mutual obligation requirements become mandatory for all job seekers, except if you are living in Victoria.

We are here to support you through these changes. We understand that everyone’s needs and circumstances are different.

Our doors  are open to help you for all activities and appointments. You can still talk to us on the phone, via email or online and, if you prefer, can opt-in for a face-to-face visit. We have in place a COVID‑19 safe plan to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors.

The option to opt-in for face-to-face appointments and activities, gives you and us flexibility in choosing the support you need during your job search, because your personal circumstances and preferences differ to everyone else.

If you do not opt-in to face-to-face visits/servicing you must still meet your mutual obligation requirements through participation online. There are grounds for an exemption, please give us a call on 4015 8400 to discuss.

To help you complete your mutual obligation requirements, you must:

  • participate in appointments and activities (opt-in to face-to-face servicing or talk to us on the phone/online)
  • review and agree to a JobPlan
  • conduct eight job searches, monthly
  • accept suitable paid work.

We are here to support you. Please contact our team on 4015 8400 or if you would like to talk about the changes.