Mai-Wel LabourForce Solution’s (MWLFS) Employment Consultant Carmen was invited to be a guest speaker at the  Dungog District Chamber of Commerce  meeting in February which was attended by around 30 local business representatives.

Carmen attended the Chamber meeting with helpful resources and information on the various ways MWLFS can assist and support local businesses looking to recruit new staff, as well as providing details of the innovative services available to local youth aged 15 to 24 years and people with a disability looking for work.

Carmen also discussed the Work Assist initiative available to employers and/or employees. Work Assist is another free service offered by MWLFS that provides support to employees who are having difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of their job due to their injury, disability or health condition.

Carmen topped off her presentation by sharing some local success stories and glowing reviews received from businesses and jobseekers who have accessed MWLFS services in Dungog.

The night was a great success. MWLFS was delighted to be a part of the event and proud to have Carmen representing Mai-Wel in Dungog.

Are you struggling to find a job and live in the Dungog area? Contact MWLFS in Dungog on 0427 190 801 or email Alternatively, pop into our office which is open every Wednesday at 211 Dowling Street, Dungog.

Pictured: Carmen at the Dungog District Chamber of Commerce meeting, doing a fantastic job advocating for Mai-Wel.

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