Our local team give their heart, drive and focus to work with job seekers and employers to get the very best employment and business outcomes every time.

We are more than just a recruitment service, our team will work alongside you to achieve your goals.

We’ll work with you each step of the way

Our Intake, Assess & Develop Teams work across our Disability Employment Services (DES) & Transition to Work (TtW) to make the process of finding and keeping a job as simple and fulfilling as possible for people with disability and young job seekers.

To start, our team will ensure job seekers know how our system works and what can be expected. They can assist with the Centrelink referral process, help to obtain medical evidence and/or establish links with other support services.

Next, the teams assist job seekers to get to know themselves as a worker, to identify their strengths and develop skills in key areas to achieve great employment outcomes. They will assist job seekers to not only build skills but create an awesome resume, gain confidence and really know the jobs that will work for them. The Team can connect job seekers with training, work experience and access to work places too.

Disability Employment Services (DES)
Maitland & Cessnock

Our team is here to support local job seekers with disability to achieve their employment goals and provide tailor-made recruitment solutions for local employers.

Transition to Work (TtW)
Maitland & Cessnock

Our team is experienced in working with young people to identify and break down the barriers to finding a job, with a goal to achieving their your vocational goals. The team work with job seekers to improve their skills, develop work readiness and assist entry into work or education.

Job Placement and Business Development Team

They have great local business connections, they know where the jobs are locally and what local employers are looking for. Our Business Development Reps specialise in key industries and have a great understanding of the skills these workplaces need. They have access to wage subsidies and other resources to assist local business to recruit, making it easier for our job seekers to get a job!

Post Placement Support Team

We have a great team of dedicated staff who will support you, our job seeker, to maintain your job. They can visit you at work or off site in your break, they can help you to report your earnings to Centrelink, to work through challenges you may experience when starting a new job, they can be the ear you need when you are looking for someone to talk to … They are here for you and their goal is to keep you in work.

Customer Service Officers & Compliance

Sarah, Kandie and Gerrie are our first point of contact in Maitland and Cessnock. The ladies on the front desk will be able to best direct your enquiries and make sure all customers, jobseekers and people with a disability are looked after. They also keep MWLFS staff on track to ensure organisational goals are met and comply with our program guidelines, policies and regulations.

Step Up Maitland & Cessnock

Step Up comprises a group of individuals who come harnessed with variety of experience from diverse backgrounds. As unique as these team members are, they share a mutual passion for developing innovative new programs for people with a disability to achieve their working life goals.


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