Finding the right employee with MWLFS is as simple as 1, 2, 3

1. About you, your business & your vacancy

One of our industry specialiasts will meet with you and discuss your vacancy or talk about creating a role that might free others in your organisation to better focus on their core responsibilities.

We will discuss the key aspects of the role available and complete a ‘Job Vacancy Analysis’ form in consultation with you.

“Our job is to assist your new employee to make a smooth entry into your work place”.

2. Finding the right employee for the role

MWLFS will present a range of suitable candidates for your consideration. We will provide resumes and help coordinate interviews, practical interviews or paid work trials.

Then, you choose the employee that’s right for you – it’s that simple!

3. Ongoing support

We will meet to finalise employment details including start date, hours per week, days and shift times, duties, uniform requirements and rates of pay.

You will be introduced to one of Mai-Wel LabourForce Solution’s Post Placement Support Workers (PPS). This staff member will assist the new employee to settle into work and develop effective work practices. The support provided will be individually tailored to support the needs of the new worker.

The type of support, frequency and duration will be negotiated between the employee, the employer and PPS worker and reviewed on a regular basis. The support is reduced, or withdrawn, as the new employee settles into their new job and becomes more competent.

Your PPS worker will assist with any workplace modifications required, including arranging funding so these adjustments are made at little or no cost to your business.

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