One of the keys to our success in placing people into employment is knowing what employers want. We have spent considerable time in forming our employer networks and are in constant communication regarding the changing needs of their businesses and industries.

We know what they want – now we need to prove to them that you have what they are looking for.

We have collated all our employer needs from basic employability skills to industry and role specific requirements and built our very own Assessment Centre.

The MWLFS Assessment Centre will assist you with decision making around the industries and sectors you may wish to work in or jobs that will suits your interests. It is also a chance for you to prove to employers what skills, experience and attributes you have that can benefit their business and a great way for you to find out the areas you would like to improve on in order to become the most attractive applicant for their next role.

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Job Seeker Feedback

I am very grateful to the staff at MWLFS for helping me to find a job. Since I started work back in October I have felt more positive about myself and life in general. It feels good to know that I’m contributing to the community and it also feels good to have a little more money in my pocket. The training that was suggested helped me to gain the confidence to know that I can do the job.


I never thought that I would get a job but MWLFS helped me to start my career with an admin traineeship. Now, 9 years later, I have a job that I love, increased duties and responsibilities and loving what I do.


I have always been interested in working in a florist. The training and work experience I did paid off and I now have a great job where I get to do the thing that I love most. The best part of my week is going to work.