What is the Supported Wage System?

The Supported Wage System aims to increase employment opportunities for some people with a disability by providing an industrial relations framework that allows the legal payment of wages based on an individual’s productivity.

Employers are able to legally pay a wage that matches the employees assessed productivity. The assessment is usually completed in the workplace and takes into consideration the various tasks and time spent on each task to determine productivity.

People with a disability who are employed under the Support Wage System have the same conditions of employment as their co-workers and the assessed percentage of productivity applies to the wage rate only.


A person is eligible to participate in the Supported Wage System if;
  • The job under consideration is covered by an Award or Enterprise Agreement which permits employment under SWS.
  • The person is an Australian Citizen and aged 15 years or over.
  • The person has no outstanding workers compensation claim against the current employer.
  • The person meets the impairment criteria for receipt of the Disability Support Pension.

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