Thrive is our project-based learning model used to assist job seekers to develop experience of being a worker, develop skills for work and confidence to transition successfully into further study or employment.

Thrive projects provide a simulated ‘real’ work environment where participants have the opportunity to grow and develop as workers. The development of the eight employability skills is embedded into the day-to-day activities and expectations of each project.

Thrive Scents

The Thrive Scents project involves the creation of hand-made soy wax candles, melts, diffusers and other luxury scented products. Participants of this project have the opportunity to be involved in each step of making Thrive Scents products, from research and product development through to manufacturing and marketing.

Thrive Scents products are sold from our offices, with profits from the products allocated to Mai-Wel programs, assisting with maintaining existing and sourcing new equipment and resources.

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