Get Started

Get Started is an innovative School to Work transition service designed specifically for Year 10/11/12 students. Get Started helps students better prepare for the world of work and the opportunities that exist after school life.

Aims & Objective

Planning and preparation are vital when establishing support requirements for participants. Our aim is to provide tailored supports, training, mentoring and planning assistance for young people with a disability to successfully transition from school to work and other post school options.


To be eligible for consideration for the Get Started Program in 2019, the Student must be:

  • A School Student in Year 11 or 12 who has been assessed as having a diagnosed disability, injury or illness i.e. has the ability to self-care and manage own medication needs, or has access to a Student Support Learning Officer to assist during training;
  • Able to effectively communicate in an individual or group setting, or has an effective communication system in place to assist them;
  • Motivated to participate;
  • Have a goal or aspiration for employment; and
  • Able to transport themselves to and from the program, or has transport support in place.

Delivery Model

A range of delivery models have been developed to enhance skill and capacity building for working life and are based on the needs of individual participants, their goals and aspirations. Delivery of Get Started is customised based on the support needs of the Participant.

Get Started consists of formal and informal training, centred and community based activities. Depending on the Participants needs and goals, Get Started is offered between 12 – 28 months.

Training and activities include:

  • Discovery planning;
  • Transport and travel awareness;
  • Career counselling;
  • Person centred school to work transition planning, program development and coordination;
  • Work sampling and enterprises learning projects; and
  • Mentoring support

Outcome Pathways

  • Each young person can expect;
  • Access to timely and accurate career guidance and information
  • Opportunities to develop and practice employment related skills
  • Access to structured workplace learning, employment opportunities and vocational learning opportunities
  • Seamless coordination of support through local partnerships between schools, agencies, businesses, individuals and their community.
  • Transition to Vocational Education and Training.
  • Transition to employment.


Get Started operates one day per week, up to four hours per day and runs over the four School Terms.

Transition planning and coordination of supports takes place in Term 4 for participants who commence Get Started and again for those Participants who are exiting Get Started.

TermDurationIndicative Hours
Term 18 weeks32 hours
Term 29 weeks36 hours
Term 310 weeks40 hours
Term 4*Up to 6 weeks (0ptional)24 hours

*Term 4 For school leavers phasing into the NDIS School Leavers Employment Supports, consideration of the appropriate employment supports will be part of the planning conversation. SLES, is a reasonable and necessary support and may be considered to support a vocational pathway Get Started offers individual transition planning and coordination through a collaborative approach for the students, families/guardians and advocates.

Total Weeks Training:

35 weeks per year per participant 140 hours.

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Our Partners

Mai-Wel is thrilled to be the recipient of a $30,000 Beyond Bank Australia Foundation Grant to support young people with disability in their transition from school to work through the Get Started initiative. Thank you to the team at Beyond Bank for their ongoing support.