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Work Assist is a FREE service, funded by the Australian Government, to help employers keep their valuable employees at work.

If an employee is having difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of their role due to an injury, disability or health condition, Work Assist may be the best support for you.

Local Work Assist
Success Stories

The MWLFS team has successfully supported many employers and their employees to stay in the jobs they love through our Work Assist Service.

Real life Work Assist Example #1

An employee was working in a trade assistant role with a local business. His employer was keen to offer him an apprenticeship but was worried that he may not be able to complete the training component of the trade qualification.
MWLFS supported this employee to link with an allied health specialist resulting in a diagnosis of dyslexia.  Modifications were made and alternative training resources provided. Assistance through Post Placement Support was also provided, offering mentoring and role modelling to the employee resulting in increased confidence, added maturity, better communication and problem solving skills.
This employee is now capable of liaising with his employer and trainer independently and is nearing the end of his apprenticeship.

Real life Work Assist Example #2

An employee with a mental health condition was struggling to meet her employers expectations during periods of poor mental health. The employee loves her job and was concerned that she wasn’t performing to her employers’ expectations. MWLFS was able to link the employee to specialist support services, supported her to communicate with her employer and helped build her confidence by offering reassurance on-the-job.
The employee feels more confident knowing that she has support and is able to better manage her mental heath with ongoing support.

As an Employer

If you have a valued employee who is having difficulty performing the essential requirement of their role due to an injury, disability or health condition, our Work Assist service may be just what you need and it’s FREE.

Assistance is flexible, is designed to suit your workplace and can include;

  • workplace assessment,
  • workplace modifications and/or special equipment,
  • on the job support,
  • advice about job redesign, and/or
  • referrals to specialist support services and interventions

Please contact us to see if this service can work for you, or you can complete the Work Assist Employer Form (below), submit it to us at and one of our team will contact you.

As an Employee

If you are having trouble performing your essential roles at work due to an injury, disability or health condition, our team can support you through our Work Assist services to help you to stay in your job. The service is FREE.

Our team will work with you on improving your situation by increasing your confidence, performance and productivity. Some of the assistance we provide includes;

  • assessing your workplace and talking to you about your employer’s expectations,
  • applying for the workplace modifications and/or special equipment through JobAccess,
  • support on or off the job,
  • support to manage workplace stress and pressure,
  • referrals to specialist support services.

To see if this service can work for you, please contact us on the form below or give us a call on 4015 8400 to discuss with a member of our team.

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