We have been helping people find work for over 20 years.

Our staff are experienced in working with job seekers to identify and break down the barriers to finding a job. If you have career goals that you’re eager to achieve, our team will work with you improve your skills, develop your work readiness and help you into work or education.

Our job seeker services include:


If you are looking to build skills and readiness for work, our structured programs provide flexible pathways built around your unique strengths and interests.

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Disability Employment

If you are a person with a disability, illness or injury and looking for work, this could be the right service for you!

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Workforce Australia –
Transition to Work

If you are a young person who is no longer at school and ready to step for work or study, this could be the service for you!

Can we help you to find the right service?

Our Team are ready to chat you through the employment services we have on offer.

Fill in the contact form using the button below, or contact us on (02) 4015 8400 or mwlfs@maiwel.com.au.

Job Seeker Feedback

I have always been interested in working in a florist. The training and work experience I did paid off and I now have a great job where I get to do the thing that I love most. The best part of my week is going to work.


I am very grateful to the staff at MWLFS for helping me to find a job. Since I started work back in October I have felt more positive about myself and life in general. It feels good to know that I’m contributing to the community and it also feels good to have a little more money in my pocket. The training that was suggested helped me to gain the confidence to know that I can do the job.


I never thought that I would get a job but MWLFS helped me to start my career with an admin traineeship. Now, 9 years later, I have a job that I love, increased duties and responsibilities and loving what I do.



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For more information on Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions, contact us via the information below or visit our contact page for further contacts.