Ashley and Samantha have been cooking up a storm at the Morpeth School Canteen!

Building skills such as food preparation and customer service are extremely important in order to be prepared for working in the hospitality industry.

Ashely and Samantha are learning new skills from cooking, baking, filling lunch orders and serving to implementing the importance of cleaning and maintaining a hygienically clean work area all apart of a Mai-Wel workplace learning program, at the Morpeth Primary School under the guidance of Canteen Supervisor Bec.

Ashley and Samantha are enjoying the hospitality related tasks and serving the students at lunch time!  Attending this weekly work experience has enabled them to gain confidence and improve on their hospitality and money handling skills every week.

A big thank you to Bec for providing a friendly and safe environment to learn and grow, teamed with her positive encouragement and education around healthy nutrition (tricks of the trade including where vegetables can be added without kids knowing!).

Pictured: Samantha in the canteen. 

Pictured: Ashley in the canteen kitchen.