Bridging the Gap: Making Mental Health Support Simple

Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions believe that access to mental health services should be empowering, comforting and tailored to individual needs.

Seeking mental health supports can be daunting. To make asking for help just that bit easier for those we support, we’ve welcomed Tara Jensen, a compassionate psychologist, to our Cessnock site.

For those already facing challenges, like illness, disability or the stresses of transitioning from school to the workforce, the prospect of linking to a psychologist can be especially overwhelming. Add to that having to attend an office with unfamiliar faces to speak about your most personal issues, and the task seems even harder.

Having a psychologist available on-site is part of our commitment to create a safe space for our participants and help them achieve their holistic wellbeing needs, setting them up for success on their employment journey.

Since 2012, Tara has been based at Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions Cessnock office for one day each week, providing critical support to participants linked with our Disability Employment Services (DES) and Transition to Work (TtW) program. She offers her expertise and unwavering support to those seeking assistance in managing their mental health from the comfort of a familiar space.

Her presence has proven to be transformative for our participants, encouraging them to take vital steps toward emotional healing and personal growth. By addressing mental health barriers, we’ve successfully supported a number of job seekers to build the skills, confidence and resilience to find meaningful and long-lasting employment.

We’re so grateful to have Tara working with us to empower more individuals in our community each day.

Woman sits across from another woman across a glass round table.