Brielle’s Volunteering Experience at Miracle Assistance Dogs

Brielle has been taking part in Mai-Wel’s Get Started throughout Year 11. Through this program she has been volunteering at Miracle Assistance Dogs Inc. in East Maitland.

Mai Wel’s Get Started is a unique program that assists students with disability in Year 11 and 12 to make a successful transition from school to work or other post-school vocational options of their choosing.

Through Get Started, Brielle is working on improving her communication and teamwork skills. Taking part in some work experience is a great way to practice and build these skills. Since Brielle loves dogs, she was very excited to have an opportunity to head down to Miracle Assistance Dogs to take part in work experience each Wednesday from 9:30am-11am!

Brielle helps out with a number of tasks including vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, washing the dogs bedding and sanitizing all touch points.

This has also been an opportunity for Brielle to practice listening and following instructions, planning and organising tasks and also interacting with the dogs in training to assist them to gain confidence around new people.

“I like going to Miracle Assistance Dogs with Mai-Wel,” says Brielle.

Brielle has finished up her work experience for now, but she’s definitely planning to return to Miracle Assistance Dogs Inc. in 2022 to continue building her employability skills in her last year of school with Get Started!

Pictured: Brielle standing in the Miracle Assistance Dogs Inc. Office.

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