Dylan’s putting his forklift ticket to work

Dylan has successfully gained his forklift licence and is making use of this in his workplace!

While taking part in Mai-Wel’s School Leaver Employment Supports, Dylan is building skills, confidence and capacity for work. He identified that he was extremely interested in the transport industry, and that gaining his forklift licence would be a great first step to entering this industry.

Dylan attended the Hunter Plant Operator Training School (HPOTS) at Cessnock for three days, completing both practical and theory components to work towards gaining his licence. During this time Dylan was required to study hard to work to complete his fork lift module and complete quiz questions.

The COVID-19 lockdown meant that Dylan had to study over Zoom sessions to keep himself on schedule. Despite the interruption, Dylan kept studying and demonstrated confidence in his answers. By the course’s completion over a three-day period, Dylan had passed with flying colours and successfully gained his fork lift licence.

Now, Dylan is putting his licence to use while working at Mai-Wel Enterprise and is loving it!

The next step for Dylan is to gain his heavy forklift license in 2022, working towards his long-term goal of driving road trains!

Pictured: Dylan driving his forklift while working at Mai-Wel Enterprise.