From Transition to Work to a full traineeship with Mai-Wel!

We caught up with Chantelle last year after she was able to gain a position as a Trainee Finance Officer at Mai-Wel after taking part in Transition to Work youth employment services! You can read our first story about Chantelle at

You can read all about the steps Chantelle took part in as part of her Transition to Work supports to prepare for the world of work here.

Now, Chantelle is almost finished her traineeship and has loved working with the Mai-Wel Finance Team along the way.

How are you finding employment at Mai-Wel?

I have really enjoyed getting to know the variety of teams and people that make up Mai-Wel as a whole. I am still learning a lot about the different components of Finance and how everything works together to create and maintain the work and participant environment.

I have enjoyed learning the different aspects as a Trainee Finance Officer including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, the different roles and requirements for Payroll, Procurement and some light dabbling into the NDIS.

I feel very welcomed at Mai-Wel and am encouraged to try new tasks and challenges. I am so thankful for my team, who always take the time to teach me and answer my many, many questions.

How has the experience of working and studying at the same time been?

As I have completed online study previous to my traineeship and position at Mai-Wel, I have been very consistent at maintaining my study whilst working full-time. I pride myself on my ability to focus and ensure I complete my assessments either early or right on time. I manage my time well to complete my course work within an allocated timeframe and any work tasks I have been given, afterwards I make sure to relax with some Netflix.

My Transition to Work Post Placement Support Worker Sarah was very helpful and provided consistent support to me before I exited the program, which occurred as I had been employed for 6 months. Sarah still pops in to check on me and is very encouraging as I near the end of my traineeship. Even though I no longer have appointments or participate in the program, I know if I needed anything Sarah is just a message or call away!

When are you finishing your traineeship? What’s left before it’s all done?

There are a few assignments yet to complete before the traineeship is finalised. I am currently awaiting some results for an assessment submitted last week on Business Tax. I will have one more assignment to complete regarding Accounting Systems which is due in March and another section regarding Payroll due in April.

All in all, I am well on my way to finishing my Traineeship early, as I only began study in July last year!

What’s the next step for you?

There has been a lot of discussion with my team and manager regarding my next step as I near the end of my traineeship. Since starting in May last year I have grown to love the work environment and my team have started to become a second family.

I have been lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to continue working for Mai-Wel and I will be very happy to do so! I look forward to the continuance of my work here and growing further within my team – I am very thankful.

Pictured: One year into her traineeship, Chantelle is enjoying her role with Mai-Wel’s Finance Team.