Mike and Tori had a goal to gain employment, but first they needed to get some experience.

Mt Carmel, an Aged Care facility, selected Michael and Tori to take part in a 12-week work place learning opportunity, with the prospect for this to lead into employment.

Over the 12-weeks Mike and Tori were busy, working across many areas of Mt Carmel Residential Aged Care.

Examples of this includes group activities with residents (events, games, and more), cleaning tasks, serving of food and beverages, setting up the communal dining room for meal-times and activities, the laundry, tidying up residents room and supporting with the unpacking of groceries and more.

Tori said “I love working here, I love all the staff and the residents, they make me feel part of the team.”

At the end of the work experience, we’re excited to announce that both Mike and Tori were successful in gaining paid employment!

This goal was made possible through Mai-Wel’s Step Up program, providing people with disability and opportunity to achieve their goals and build employment skills and capabilities.