Earlier in the year, Gemco Rail met with Mai-Wel to discuss and explore options to enhance their diversity and open further inclusivity in their workforce.  

Mai-Wel has been providing employment and disability supports and services in the Maitland community for over 62 years.  

“Supporting Mai-Wel is deeply aligned to our values of good corporate citizenship, supporting the communities in which we operate,” said Michael Rae, Gemco Service Manager. 

From a meeting to discuss opportunities, the Gemco team were made aware of the Workforce Australia – Transition to Work program which provides young people who experience barriers entering the workforce, with support, mentoring and opportunities.  

  • Two boys with muddy faces wearing high vis, standing in front of a yellow train.
  • A group of men of varying ages, standing in front of a yellow train.
  • A group of people of varying ages wearing high vis and standing in front of a yellow train.

Pictured: Brayden, Dylan and the rest of the team from Gemco Rail. 

“Our partnership with Mai-Wel started with our inquiry for grounds maintenance, however through Mai-Wel’s professional interactions and passion for the people they serve, this has grown to cleaning, recycling of pallets, make stillages and transport boxes,” says Michael. 

“Moving forward, we now have two new team members from the Workforce Australia – Transition to Work program, Brayden and Dylan, who have been steadily building new skills.”

Brayden and Dylan love their new job and have found confidence in their abilities and are proud to be part of the Gemco team.

“The men are enthusiastic about their jobs. They have found the Gemco culture supportive and encouraging. This is the very platform they need, I am looking forward to seeing them develop”, said Keith Couper, Production Leader. 

Mai-Wel is just as grateful to the Gemco team for providing employment opportunities for our people, the future possibilities and this partnership overall. 

“Mai-Wel has been an outstanding partner through all our shared endeavors, through every step, from safety management, delivery, flexibility and they are cost effective,” said Chris Andrews, NSW Supply Chain Lead. 

The whole team at Gemco Rail is proud of their involvement with Mai-Wel and look forward to the continued relationship. 

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