Get a taste of the hospitality industry

Welcome to Thrive Café, an enterprise project in which people with an NDIS plan are able to learn how to prepare and serve hot and cold beverages and meals. Thrive Cafe offers a simulated hospitality workspace, so our people can experience an on-the-job experience, in a supportive environment.

We have a number of people who are interested in the hospitality industry. Due to this need, Thrive Café was created to offer an opportunity for these people to get a taste of what it’s like to work in a café, the skills needed and grow their abilities.

What does working the Thrive Café look like?

During Thrive Café, a small group get together to plan meals, learn how to cook them and also take orders and interact with paying customers around Mai-Wel’s offices. The Café workspace is also available for individuals use who want to build their skills in how to clean.

There are so many development opportunities in a kitchen workspace and members of Thrive Café are able to learn the following:

  • How to shop for groceries
  • Money handling and budgeting skills
  • Food preparation
  • Cooking and barista skills
  • Customer Service
  • WHS and hygiene practices, including food safety and general cleaning

It is through participation in Thrive Café that many people discover they have a genuine interest in the hospitality industry and would like to start working towards a career in open employment. For these people, Mai-Wel Labourforce Solutions (MWLFS) can provide further training, including a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations and other certifications to achieve this. If, after this skill building, the person is feeling prepared to go out into their world and into employment, MWLFS offers a workplace learning to employment program that offers a pathway to achieve this. It all starts in Thrive Café!

Two ladies in the kitchen using a rubber scraper with peanutbutter.
Woman wearing protective hat and gloves while cooking pasta in a pot.

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