HIE Signs, providing employment opportunities with Mai-Wel

HIE Signs are a supportive local employer who first thought to recruit through Mai-Wel with suggestion from one of their staff members.

“We were able to contact Mai-Wel and they arranged for a few weeks job experience through their NDIS services. We then met with the business development team to negotiate a position and how we could best work together. The communication in the process has been seamless” says Lorraine Nelson, Managing Director of HIE Signs Pty Ltd.

“Assisting a person with disability through the recruitment process requires a thoughtful and inclusive approach to ensure equal opportunities and a fair assessment of their skills and qualifications. I cannot thank the Mai-Wel staff enough for their professional and compassionate approach.

The team have seen improvements and positive change in the workplace since employing their new staff member.

“Individuals with disability bring unique perspectives and experiences that can enrich your workplace culture and decision-making processes.

“We believe this is from the determination and support systems that are in place that Mai-Wel provide and the knowledge they have shared with our team.

Employing a person with disability has shown the team that all everyone has different skills, abilities and talent. “It’s important to recognise and appreciate these individual strengths.”

Would they recommend that other businesses employ through Mai-Wel? Yes!

“I highly recommend you give it a go; you will be pleasantly surprised.”

Thanks HIE Signs!