How can small business benefit from partnering with and support MWLFS?

Bridget, Operations Manager at Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions (MWLFS) in Maitland is looking forward to attending the Small Business Summit. 

 If you’re attending, you can chat to Bridget to learn more about MWLFS, an employment service achieving life-changing outcomes for local job seekers with disability and youth, and tailor-made recruitment solutions for local employers.  

 “Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions is such a vital organisation for the people we support in the Hunter region,” says Bridget.  

 “We specialise in providing Disability Employment Services (DES), youth employment services through Transition to Work (TtW), as well as employment solutions for people with mental health conditions and mature-aged job seekers.” 

 We spoke to Bridget about how small businesses benefit from partnering and supporting MWLFS.  

What services does MWLFS provide that benefit small businesses? 

“MWLFS provides a free recruitment service. We identify gaps and opportunities within your organisation that would enable you to employ our job seekers and provide more efficiencies in your organisation, we also ensure that our job seekers access and complete the required training for their job roles. From role creation through to on-the-job support for your new employee, we provide a hassle-free hiring process.  

Are there any financial incentives you can connect businesses to with MWLFS?   

“There are number of wage subsidies schemes and rebates that businesses can access to assist with any costs associated with on-boarding, training and supervision of new employees. Contact us to learn more about what is available for your organisation.” 


Let’s look at PaTH Internships as an example. What is it and how does it benefit businesses?  

“PaTH Internships is an Australian Government service that helps young people gain the skills and work experience needed to get and keep a job. It also supports businesses to trial young people in the workplace and offers a financial incentive when they hire.  

This internship benefits both the young person and business, the young person receives experience and skills whilst businesses can trial young job seekers to assess their suitability. 

During the work trial the Government provides interns with an additional $200 a fortnight on top of their income support payment. The host businesses will receive a payment of $1000 to help cover the costs of hosting an intern. All interns are insured for the length of their internship.”  

What support does MWLFS offer once a business has hired one of our job seekers?  

“Our Post Placement Support Team provides a range of specialised support to help both the new employee and the employer. We will work with you and your new employee to understand any challenges and to work with you to ensure that this is a smooth process with a number of supports available.  

We can support you to access workplace modifications. Some of these options may include adaptive equipment, structural modifications, tools and ergonomic work set up.  

 Not all employees with disability will require adjustments, but if they do, MWLFS can help manage the process from start to finish.”  


I’m not sure how I can work with MWLFS  

 “Many businesses do not know where to start but have a drive to further their social impact and encourage further diversity and inclusion within their workforce. Reach out to us so we can talk you through any questions you may have.” 


Are there any other ways that businesses can support MWLFS?  

Yes! Other ways you can support MWLFS include:  

  • Providing work experience/volunteering opportunities for our job seekers  
  • Partnering with us to offer training opportunities  
  • Job shadow days  
  • Be a guest speaker for our job seekers  
  • Donate to Mai-Wel.  
  • Attend a Mai-Wel event. Our Annual Gala Ball is a great night and raises money for our programs and services across the Hunter.  

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