Employer Ambassador
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We are thrilled to announce Gemco Rail our first and proud member of Mai-Wel’s Employment Ambassador Network member. Gemco Rail has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace and supporting our community-focused initiatives.

Championing Inclusive Employment

Gemco Rail has been a pivotal partner in our Transition to Work program, providing invaluable employment opportunities for our youth. By embracing the unique talents and potential of young job seekers, they have helped pave the way for a more inclusive workforce.

Supporting Our Social Enterprise

In addition to employing our Workforce Australia – Transition to Work youth, Gemco Rail utilises our Facilities Maintenance crew at Mai-Wel Enterprise, a social enterprise that ensures their sites are well-maintained. Our crew provides services such as lawn mowing, whipper snipping, and glass cleaning. This collaboration highlights their dedication to supporting social enterprises and creating sustainable employment opportunities for people with disability.

A Commitment to Community

Gemco Rail’s proactive approach to inclusion and their support for Mai-Wel’s vision of empowering people and changing lives exemplifies the spirit of the Mai-Wel’s Employment Ambassador Network. Their efforts have not only made a significant impact on the lives of individuals but also set a benchmark for other businesses in the region.

Why is Gemco Rail a Mai-Wel Employer Ambassador?

Gemco Rail receives this recognition for their:

  • Dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace.
  • Engagement with our Workforce Australia – Transition to Work program, providing real-world job opportunities for youth.
  • Commitment to our Facilities Maintenance crew, promoting the growth of social enterprises.
  • Alignment with Mai-Wel’s vision to empower individuals and foster community inclusion.
  • We celebrate Gemco Rail for their exceptional contributions and look forward to continuing our partnership to champion inclusion and support our community together.