“Mai-Wel gave me the confidence to achieve my goal.”

When Brooklynn came to Mai-Wel, she had a dream of supporting people through her work but wasn’t quite sure what was possible.

With some help from her Youth Support Mentor, Brooklynn came up with a plan to break through the barriers and reach her goal.

Having a license is a job requirement for many Support roles, so Brooklynn began working towards her provisional license. Alongside this, she enrolled and completed a Certificate III in Disability Support to make sure she was qualified for the job.

Brooklynn’s Youth Support Mentor suggested she attended career taste tester day called ‘ASK THAT!’ organised by Human Services Skills Organisation, which is designed for job seekers to hear from employers and employees about what it’s like to work in the individual and disability support industry.

From this event, Brooklynn secured not one, but six job interviews with different companies, including Mai-Wel! Brooklynn absolutely smashed the interview, as well as the follow up, and has now successfully gained employment as a Support Worker at Mai-Wel.

Now Brooklynn has gained her provisional license, she has been able to drive herself to and from the job and is loving it!

“I wanted to do disability support and Mai-Wel gave me the confidence and reassurance to be able to achieve this goal,” says Brooklynn.

Picture of a smiling woman with eyeliner and piercings in a circle.

Pictured: Brooklyn went from being a job seeker to a support worker, all at Mai-Wel.