Looking for a star administrator to join your team?

Are you looking for a star part-time or casual administrator to help your office run smoothly?

We want to introduce you to Melinda!

Meet Melinda

“I’m currently looking for administration work in the Maitland area for 8-12 hours per week. I’ve previously worked in a role for many years where I was responsible for digitizing files and data entry. I’m motivated to work – it’s important to me to contribute to society. Right now, I’m doing some volunteer work to keep building my skills and experience.” – Melinda

Melinda has a range of certification and skills suited to work in administration, as well as the past experience to back this up!

How you can support Melinda

Melinda is legally blind, however, can read size 11 font. Due to her medical condition, Melinda has difficulties regulating her body temperature (which means air conditioning is a must!)

All this really means is that Melinda requires some support from her workplace so she can get the job done. We’re keen to work with you to address these requirements!

We’ll support you to:

  • Gain relevant wage subsidies
  • Access funding to make some workplace modifications, such as larger computer screens, magnification resources etc.
  • Receive ongoing support from our Post-Placement Support team, who will make sure both you and your new star worker are set for success.

Sound like your next employee? 

We’d love to share Melinda’s resume with you and answer any questions you may have!

If you would like to enquire about Melinda, please contact Ebony Prescott at ebony.prescott@maiwel.com.au or 4015 8400.