Order up! Bailey’s been cooking up a storm with Mai-Wel’s Transition to Work

Mai-Wel’s Transition to Work employment program assists youth from 15-24 years of age transition from school to employment. Our staff help young job seekers break down the barriers to employment, by helping them discover and achieve their vocational goals.

Meet Bailey, who began at Transition to Work with an interest in hospitality but wasn’t quite sure on the next steps to take. After discussing career paths, skills and suitability with his Youth Support Mentor, Bailey decided to enrol in a hospitality skill set course to get a taste of the industry and what a longer-term career might look like for him.

“My Youth Support Mentor and I decided that enrolling in a hospitality skills set course would be a great way to develop some skills and see if I liked working in a kitchen. I really enjoyed the course and the trainer was really supportive, so I enrolled in a few more courses offered by Mai-Wel over the following months.”

With Mai-Wel’s Transition to Work, Bailey was able to gain a number of skills, certification and practical experiences to build up his employability.

“I completed a number of accredited units of training including my Barista unit, my RSA and my RCG. I was pretty well poised to join the workforce in the hospitality industry.

I was also coached in putting a resume together, how to interview and how to approach businesses regarding employment opportunities.”

At last, Bailey was prepared to start applying for jobs in the hospitality industry. By early June, he had scored a position at COQUUN as an Apprentice Chef and is now enrolled in a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. COQUUN is a cafe, small bar, deli and bistro in Maitland, flavoured by the native food bowl.

“I’d been applying for jobs in the hospitality industry when I was introduced to Daniel, the owner, and he was looking for an apprentice at the time!

Working as an Apprentice Chef is a fantastic start to a career ahead of me. I’ve been really fortunate to start working with a supportive, professional and fun-loving employer.

My Great-Grandmother was also a chef and our family has grown up with a lot of her influence in the kitchen, so it means a lot to carry on her legacy.

I’m pretty happy to be where I am right now. In the long term I might like to be a chef for a cruise line and travel the world for my work!”

Congratulations Bailey!

Bailey is just one of many job seekers who have achieved fantastic outcomes with some hard work and a bit of help from Transition to Work.

Are you aged 15-24 and live in the Hunter region? Transition to Work can help you find and achieve the employment of your dreams! Visit the Youth Employment page on our Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions website or contact the team at (02) 4015 8400 or mwlfs@maiwel.com.au to get started today!

Pictured: Bailey in the kitchen at COQUUN.