It only took Thomas two workplace learning days of washing cars at Maitland Nissan & Kia Service Centre for them to offer him a permanent job in car detailing!

Tom joined Mai-Wel Labourforce Solutions (MWLFS) as he had an intellectual disability, and wanted a helping hand preparing for employment with the goal to work with cars. MWLFS worked with Tom to support him to develop his skills, confidence and even obtained his forklift license!

Originally Tom gained workplace learning at Nissan in order to build his capacity for permanent employment. He was encouraged by his Support Worker Scott to give his work tasks a go independently before asking for help. Tom quickly gained confidence, finding keys, parking cars and setting up the washing bay.

Straight away it was clear to the team at Nissan that Tom has a strong work ethic and was offered a permanent position after only two days! Tom has quickly become a valued member of the team and has been working 32 hours a week plus some over time!

In his new role, Tom has excelled. He works at a fast pace and has a keen eye for detail, making sure each car is spotless. He has quickly picked up the knowledge concerning the various washing procedures for each different vehicle – from small Kia Picantos to big Nissan Navaras and Kia Carnivals! As a team player, Tom communicates well with mechanics and receptionists to ensure the car washing process is always smooth and efficient. And if he knows it’s going to be a big day, Tom will happily arrive early or leave late to get the job done.

Overall, Tom has shown his positive attitude throughout his work and is always ready to give a helping hand.

Great work Tom!

Picture: Thomas working hard, washing cars until they sparkle!